Mas dinero, pero nunca para la gente. Solamente para bancos. Revolución!!!

I think what they are doing here is what Ramon was arguing against, except this time, they are going foreign. This is not going to help their image, and justifiably so. I jokingly added the title, as I feel this is how it is going to be spun in the near future.


La contracción del crédito segundos

I think the 2nd round of major credit tightening is about to begin. This article articulates what is beginning to occur in banks becoming more skittish about the happenings in EU and the compiling of uncertainty that is bound stress credit markets worldwide. Let’s hope they can get their economic act together, as well as the US because I think this is a preview of what can happen to us since we are in a period of super cheap borrowing. But, the austerity measure should be moderate. Nothing like what Greece is experiencing because that is too much too soon.

Steven’s specialty

In this article, we tackle the question if inflation is good, or not. It continues here. Personally, I am not a big fan of NGDP targeting because it assumes that growth is constant with some fluctuations. I am more of a fan of maintaining price stability, mainly because it gives assurance to how we can forecast our expectations, given the large amounts of uncertainty.