Fed Challenge 2012

Start early – When beginning the class, you will have about 2.5 months until your competition…and this is not too early to start.  Come up with a story.  What is wrong with the economy and why?  Make major points and make sure everything relates to these points.  Start building a Powerpoint ASAP.

Read – Read articles everyday and relate them to your “story.”  All the articles you read  will not be useful, so screen out the ones that you can’t use.

Meet outside of class – Start this from day number one.  Don’t wait until the competition is a month away.  Meeting outside will build team chemistry, as well as allow you to work on the presentation/script.

Watch old videos – The finalists videos should be on Youtube.  Watch their presentations and see how they approached it.

Plan for Round 2 – Starting everything early will allow for some breathing room in the days leading up to the competition.  Make sure the script is finalized 7 days before.  This gives you enough time to memorize it and plan for any last minute changes.  Also, go through some economic scenarios and see how your group would tackle them.  This will prepare you for Round 2.

Have fun – As econ majors, you should enjoy this class.  Staying up to date with all the statistics, news, and analysis will be time-consuming, but remember to enjoy the process.


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