Advice For Future Fed Challenge Teams

– Create a sound timeline. It may seem that you have plenty of time but there needs to be a sense of urgency throughout the semester. Failures to do so could create an environment were the team’s quality and efficiency might be overlooked.

-Clearly outline the most important parts of the economy that need to be considered in your presentation early in the semester. After, select members that will specialize in those parts and will continue to inform the team about the movements and relevance throughout the semester.

-Talk about past and current monetary policy religiously. Using FOMC minutes and speeches will allow all members to align themselves with a particular point of view. Then have members voice their opinions and create an environment where healthy debate can allow members to strengthen their ideas and look at wide variety of remedies for the economy.

-Be serious about this commitment. This is a challenge, thus the name, and as a member you need to prepare yourself for a semester of serious learning. This is not a class, more like on the job training.


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